Uromic Tango

Urodynamic systems

The 16 channel Uromic Tango system is the most comprehensive model in the MMT Urodynamics range. It’s strength in terms of channel capacity, makes it ideal for Research facilities and very large Teaching Centres where a multitude of research may be undertaken using a vast variety of testing protocols.

The Uromic Tango is an innovative and ergonomically designed system for those wishing to perform Urodynamics primarily from a seated position and it supports software which allows easy creation of bespoke measurement protocols.


  • comprehensive system aimed specially at research facilities or large teaching centres
  • allows easy creation of bespoke test protocols and combining different types of pressure transducers
  • 2 uroflowmeter and 2 EMG inputs
  • videourodynamics
  • unique wireless connectivity of uroflowmeter working 868 MHz (stable signal without dropouts or interference)
  • unique magnetic puller with 2 sterilizable catheters holders
  • excellent technical parameters
  • user friendly software interface
  • wide range of pre-set methods according to ICS standards
  • online remote service support
  • different types of nomograms available (Siroky-Kraine, Blaivas, Liverpool man, Liverpool Women, Miskolc, Bristol)



  • uroflowmetry
  • urodynamics
  • EMG / Biofeedback
  • anorectal manometry
  • ultrasound
  • videourodynamics

Wide range of pre-set test protocols according to ICS standards. Allows easy creation of bespoke test protocols. Multiple language versions.

Technical data

Electrical Safety

class I

Medical classification



75×60×120 cm


45 kg (without accessories)

16 input channels are programmable upon customer and user request.

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