Uromic Jive

Urodynamic systems

The Uromic Jive is a compact 5 channel device for all standard Urodynamic examinations and functional diagnostics in urology, urogynaecology, gastroenterology and other fields.

With a variety of hardware components and advanced software capabilities, Uromic Jive easily meet the requirements of both hospitals and smaller medical facilities, by adapting to the clinical needs of the user.


Compact design

  • height adjustable cart to allow seated or standing operating position
  • all components mounted on a single stable chassis
  • small footprint minimises the amount of space taken up both in use and when being stored between clinics

Easy to use

  • user friendly operating interface with intuitive controls
  • wide range of tests available and easy to modify test protocols to meet customer needs
  • multiple language versions

Easy to clean and disinfect

  • infection control friendly waterproof keyboard
  • wireless version of the keyboard which is easily removed from the device and can be used remotely within the examination room
  • unique waterproof sterilisable puller

High quality components

  • ergonomic robust cart which allows transportation securely around a hospital for use in multiple clinics
  • cystometric pump with 7 rollers for smooth infusion and minimal pump artefact
  • fan-less computer keeping operating noise to a minimum

Unique features

  • unique wireless connectivity of uroflowmeter working on 866 MHz (stable signal without disturbances and interference)
  • unique magnetic puller with 2 sterilisable catheters holders
  • different types of nomograms available (Siroky-Kraine, Blaivas, Liverpool man, Liverpool Women, Miskolc, Bristol)
  • online remote service support

Optional choices on the Jive

  • wireless connectivity of keyboard, uroflowmeter and printer
  • waterproof keyboard with touchpad or with waterproof mouse
  • standard, widescreen or touchscreen monitor
  • accessories for profilometry or EMG, flexible camera for VLPP
  • software for EMG/biofeedback or 4 channel anorectal manometry



  • uroflowmetry
  • urodynamics
  • EMG / Biofeedback
  • anorectal manometry

Wide range of pre-set test protocols according to ICS standards. Allows easy creation of bespoke test protocols. Different language versions.

Technical data

Electrical Safety

class I

Medical classification



60×65×(115 – 140) cm, keyboard in height 75 – 100 cm


37 kg (without accessories)

5 input channels are programmable upon customer and user request.

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