Uromic Blues

Urodynamic systems

Uromic Blues is the entry level device for standard urodynamic examinations, particularly when budget is the primary concern. It is equipped with 5 measuring channels with inputs for pressure recording and EMG, and outputs for a cystometric pump and profilometric puller. The Blues offers a simplicity that makes it flexible to used placed on a table, trolley, mounted on a wall or attached on an infusion pole stand.  We also off the unique combination of building the Blues into a 3-motor examination couch, TryTable.

Uromic Blues is normally driven by a (Windows) PC or laptop and can be supplied with a protective transport case if required. This high level of flexibility means that taking a Blues unit into the community becomes a real possibility and travelling round to multiple sites is made simple.


  • cost-effective system covering all standard urodynamic examinations
  • small compact size, easy to transport
  • utilises the Uromic software capabilities including easy modification of test methods according to individual customer needs
  • user friendly operating procedure
  • different types of nomograms available (Siroky-Kraine, Blaivas, Liverpool man, Liverpool Women, Miskolc, Bristol)
  • compatible with a wide range of MMT accessories



  • Uroflowmetry (with cable or wireless uroflowmeter)
  • Urodynamics
  • Urethra Pressure Profile
  • EMG / Biofeedback
  • Anorectal manometry

Wide range of pre-set test protocols according to ICS standards. Allows easy creation of bespoke test protocols. Multiple language versions.

Technical data

Electrical Safety

class I

Medical classification



20×21×8 cm (control unit)


2 kg (control unit without accessories)

5 input channels are programmable upon customer and user request.

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