Examination couch

The TryTable multipurpose examination couch allows for a wide range of medical procedures in urology and gynaecology, including ultrasound scanning and X-ray. The table is also optimized for urodynamic examinations and has a wide range of accessories and options available.

The TryTable is flexible – the seat section is height adjustable, the back and head rests segments are fully adjustable, and the chair position can be tilted as required. All chair segments are motorized and can be controlled by using a foot pedal control panel.


  • wide range of configurations
  • wide range of accessories
  • 3 motor examination couch, with memory for 3 positions
  • control of movement by control panel or by foot pedal
  • universal eurolist rail for attachment of accessories
  • support for urology and gynaecology examination
  • easy to clean/disinfect
  • four locking wheels
  • easy to use controls
  • accessories can be positioned on either side


Technical data

  • Working area width: 590 mm
  • Dimensions head support: 590 x 380 mm
  • Dimensions back support: 590 x 560 mm
  • Dimension sitting part: 590 x 415 mm
  • Dimension leg support: 590 x 680 mm
  • Working area length: 1.400 (without leg support) – 1.900 mm (with leg support)
  • Total permitted load: 150 kg  in moving mode, 200 kg in static mode (tested for 450 kg)
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Height range 65 - 99 cm

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