TryMed Sonostepper


Prostate Brachytherapy is an effective treatment for localized prostate cancer with high patient tolerability and acceptable morbidity outcome data. It is a technique that delivers a high dose of radiation to a small target volume of tissue, minimizing radiation side-effects to adjacent structures.

TryMed is a simple device to stabilise a transrectal ultrasound transducer and allow defined single-step anteroposterioric movements and fine spatial positioning of the probe.


  • stable fixing of the transrectal transducer into the treatment position needed by the physician
  • no calibration of the TryMed required
  • only standard cleaning and surface disinfection required
  • reusable puncture template grid can be sterilised in an autoclave
  • no electronic parts
  • micro-feed stepping mechanism
  • magnetic stainless steel and magnet provide a solid transducer adapter mounting


The TryMed sonostepper allows transducer´s positioning in many different angles and positions to allow treatment delivery.

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