DanFlow 1000


Uroflowmetry is one of the simplest forms of Urodynamics testing and with the DanFlow range of urine flow meters MMT have made Uroflowmetry simple again!

The DanFlow range of flow meters utilise weight cell transducer technology to transform urine flow from the patient into a graphical format, with some additional statistics commonly required such as maximum flow, average flow, volume voided, and flow time.

Weight cell transducers used in Uroflowmetry have transformed this simple procedure, in particular – making cleaning of your equipment easy and straight forward.


Fully automatic functionality makes the DanFlow 1000 easy to operate

  • Allows the patient to begin voiding in their own time
  • Accurately records the flow information (the measurement range is 0-500 ml/s with an accuracy of ±2 %)
  • Producing a neat thermal print out with the flow rate curve and statistics underneath
  • Automated data saving on a SD memory card with capacity of approx 65 000 tests
  • Multiple language versions available

Design that makes the DanFlow 1000 easy to use

  • DanFlow can be used on male or female patients. MMT offer two different height-adjustable stands, making it easy to alter the height for male patients who may wish to stand while voiding. The flexibility in the stands allows them to comfortably slide underneath a commode for female patients/paediatric or seated voiding.
  • Small printer unit may be put on a table or wall mounted
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Optional use of the SD memory card which can be removed and inserted into your computer for record storage or processing records and generating pdf report



  • Uroflowmetry

Technical data

Electrical Safety

class II

Medical classification



Control unit 21×14×6 cm / Uroflowmeter 20x23x32 cm (without a stand)


Control unit 0,7 kg / Uroflowmeter 2 kg (without a stand)

Input: UFM wired weight sensor, Printing medium: thermal paper roll (width 57/58 mm, length 30 m), Data storage: SD card 2 GB (about 65 000 tests, more than 17 000 hours of measuring)

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