MMT range of flow meters is easy to instal and use also with advanced urodynamic systems.

The waterproof weight cell transducer allows easy cleaning and disinfection.

MMT accessories for uroflowmetry meet the high demands of sterile hospital environment and comfortable handling during the examination.

MMT offer 3 types of stands for uroflowmetry – all of them are height adjustable, and easy to keep clean and maintain. The height adjustable nature of the stand allows them to slide comfortably underneath a commode for female patients/seated voiding. 
Either the Standard or Small version of the stand can be used underneath the commode. 
The Small one is specially designed to be used for videourodynamics together with the commode. 
The Portable version of the stand includes a folding stand for more flexibility and easy travelling. 

Commode for female or children patients for seated voiding. Lightweight and easy to clean commode is also designed for use in videourodynamics.

MMT offer two types of funnels: re-usable funnel (may be sterilized by common methods, resistance up to 120° C) and disposable paper funnel.

We offer 3 types of containers: plastic single-use containers with or without measuring scale (1000 ml) and stainless re-usable container with measuring scale, sterilizable in autoclave (1500 ml).