MMT training is renewed.

Dear friends.

The situation is returning back to the standard daily routines in all life areas in the Czech Republic. Also MMT goes to fully regular regime  :)
So we will start MMT training for our distributors as was favourite and requested before the Coronavirus problem.

We will organize the next MMT training in period 1st - 2nd September 2020.
The training will have standard format: On Monday arrival to Olomouc, on Tuesday and Wednesday an intensive training and departure on Thursday.
This training consists of two parts - Product training (for sale persons) and service training (for service persons). Big part of the training are for both groups together while other parts are done separately.
Maximal number of participants is limited in order to keep high training efficiency and maximal benefit for all participants to 3 (product) + 3 (service) persons. We will use principle first come - first serve.
Participants will receive MMT certificate. Course itself and catering during the course are provided free of charge.
We are looking forward to meet a new MMT colleagues at the training.

Your MMT team
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